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Computronics hosts party for elderly, youth

Mbabane - A well known computer company assisted the youth and elderly on Thursday, when they hosted their annual Christmas party.

Computronics gave children of Sandra Lee's home for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children a chance to have some fun.  There were also some young gentlemen present from the Pine Valley Youth Club supporting the day.

Computronics has been supporting the under-priviledged for the past 17 years by helping orphans and sponsoring them to further their educations.

"Basically, we want to make the little children fell aprreciated because they are our future," said Julian Von Hirschberg, the Managing Director of Computronics.  The company has already helped over 50 children, when they formalised their community services last year and they wish to keep doing so annually.

Some of the people whom Computronics supports are hired to work for the company.
Julian Von Hirschberg


Sandra Lee's Home was opened in 2003, when Robin Pratt, it's head, realised that children from Ward 8 were not being adopted.

"At the moment, there are currently 20 children with access to three houses and another that will be opening in January," said Pratt.


The children and the elderly were offered food and cold drinks during the Christmas party.  The youngpeople also played on the jumping castle and the elderly indulged in some soothing music.

Swaziland's Epilepsy Organisation was present at the event and gave a gift of educational games to the children.  "We wish to educate children with knowledge of epilepsy, in order to give them awareness and make sure that they are not afraid when they see some one having an epileptic fit," said Mbusomuni Mahlalela, the Director of the Swaziland Epilepsy Organisation.
Sibonginkhosi Mngometulu


Below the youth and elderly pose for a photograph with some of the Computronics Systems staff members.

The youth and elderly

Thank you for being part of the Compumunity in 2008. We look forward to providing excellent IT products and services to you in 2009 Julian von Hirschberg